Why I Marched.

As I sit here this morning – I’m reflecting on the past twenty-four hours of my life.

Twenty-four exhausting and exhilarating hours that spun my entire world around.

I marched with the Women’s March on Washington yesterday from my town of Charlotte, NC.

I posted on our social media and used the hashtag #WhyIMarch countless times – none of which could even bring justice to the real reasons I marched.

I marched because I am a woman, daughter, sister, mother, friend, colleague – HUMAN.

I marched for you.

I marched so that everyone could experience fundamental human rights – regardless of anything you believe, your sexuality, your gender, the color of your skin. Because I believe everyone deserves to be treated equally.

I marched so that my children, and their children could look back and say – “My mom knew this was bigger than her present, and did it for our futures.”

I marched so that for one day, one breath, one moment in time – the hatred in our world was calmed by solidarity and love.

I marched, not for who I voted for or for who you voted for, but so that you could continue to vote.

I marched for my family and friends.

I marched for those who have benefited from affordable healthcare – and for those who could die without it.

I marched because I realize that the outpouring of love and intensity that I felt yesterday, standing shoulder to shoulder with others is a love that everyone should feel on a regular basis.

I marched because it’s more than politics – it’s about humanity and dignity.

I marched for a better world.

I marched because it was the right thing to do.

The New York Times is calling our protest one of the biggest in history. We are history in the making – and we will not be silenced.


North Carolina Soul

Nothing could ever convince me that I don’t have salt water in my veins.

We made our annual Memorial Day pilgrimage to the New Bern area this weekend for some beach relaxation. After a crazy, busy start to the year and being primed with the knowledge that the next two months are going to be equally hectic, I made a vow to live in the moment on this trip and not behind the lens or on a screen.

So I promised myself I would breath in the salt water, take in the scenery and enjoy watching my children play rather than try and capture every moment on film. Some memories are best kept in your soul.

I have kept my promise, and it has been glorious.

But something told me last night to grab the camera and take it with me while we ventured to the Outerbanks, and I am so glad I did. These were the only pictures I took that entire trek – but oh, so worth it.


I pulled over in a “No Park” zone, jumped out and snapped this. I only had one chance because a sea lion rolled in the water and did not like me in his space.



Sunset starting just as we cross the bridge to leave the Outerbanks.


An amazing sunset and memorable drive, coming to a close.

There is something about this area of the state that makes my heart leap with artistic inspiration – the beaches, the architecture, the waterways…all of it. If you ever get the chance to come to the coastal region of North Carolina –

Do it.

I promise you will leave with a new light.


All Images © 2016 Ashley Price

The Witty Bean Summer Travel Series: New Bern, NC

The Hidden Gem: New Bern, NC

There have been a few places we’ve traveled to that made me go, “Wow. What a great little part of the world.” New Bern, North Carolina definitely makes the list. It’s a small coastal town about four hours east of Charlotte and if you blink, you’ll miss it.

When we decided to take a quick weekend-beach vacation over Memorial Day weekend, I knew our chances of finding a hotel and lesser known beach, were going to be slim-to-none. After hours (not even kidding) of searching Trip Advisor and Google, I finally found New Bern, North Carolina.

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