You Never Need to Come Out to Me.

Today is National Coming Out Day. It’s a day to celebrate our fellow humans who have been courageous and who have come out as LGBTQ.

I’m here to say this…

You never need to come out to me.

My love and acceptance for you, as my friend, my family member, a member of my circle, the person offering me a pamphlet, or just another fellow human, is not defined by your sexual identity and/or orientation.

I’ll say it louder for the people in the back:


I will always celebrate PRIDE and National Coming Out Day.
I will always advocate for equality.
I will always be an ally.
I will always accept you for you and be your champion.
I will always listen and cry and stand with you.

I will never love you less because you haven’t come out, but I will be your biggest fan if, and when, you choose to do so.

I will never stop fighting for you because you are worthy, and you are loved.



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Mother of three. Writer extraordinaire. Lover of art and music. Consumer of chocolate and wine.

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