Don’t Screw Them Up

What does that even mean?!

Well…it’s a title, duh…not only to this week’s blog post, but also to MY DEBUT NOVEL!

Yep! You heard it! I have a book – well…I will have a book, once it is completely finished, printed and launched THIS FALL!

Whaaaaaaaaaat?! SO exciting.

I’ve been a storyteller my whole life. So when I started having kids I made a point to document and keep track of all of the funny things that happened along the way. My life, and especially my parenting journey has had huge ups and downs. I’ve dealt with postpartum depression, being a single mom, being a teen mom, being called out and shamed for the way I choose to parent. And to be completely honest, it took me a while to grow some coconuts big enough to tell people to, “back the hell off because I’m quasi capable of not screwing this up! Maybe…”

Self-doubt is a total drag, and people can find ways to get under even the thickest of skin, which I tend to have. Except when it comes to being a mom or a writer. I’m an undoubted failure at both of those things at least three times a week and on days that end with ‘y’.

Which led me to the idea of writing this book, not for anyone else, but for myself.

This book is my catharsis. It is allowing me the opportunity to go back and read my snippets that I kept along the way. It shows me how much I have learned, taught and grown as a parent. A lot of the stories in the book, while overwhelming at the time, are pretty funny now, if I do say so myself.

While this book started out being my reassurance that I’m a good mom, that parenting isn’t black and white, and that you’re basically just given these tiny people and expected to forge a path and not screw them up along the way (no pressure) – It hit me that this is a story I needed to share. It grew beyond my own personal reassurance into this platform of reassurance for everyone.

It’s an anthology for all the other people out there who also give their kids screen time so that they can selfishly watch an episode of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix and regain a fraction of their sanity. If I can show even one person that they aren’t alone – and that they are a good parent or even help someone be more open minded about how they parent or how they want to parent but are to afraid to…I’m down for that!

So without further ado, I present to you the cover art for my book that will be releasing…eventually when it’s done!

Dont Screw Them Up_Cover Only


There’s even a shameless little bio that goes inside of it and everything….

Dont Screw Them Up_Bio Page

So there you have it!

Right now, these are all of the details that I have but rest assured, there will be SO much more happening and coming soon! Thank you again and again to everyone who sends words of encouragement and comes back to read these crazy stories I share, it means the world to me and inspires me to keep sharing!

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