Ironic Inspiration

I have no content for you this week. I have failed. The end.

Okay not really. In all honesty I have just had A LOT going on and nothing really felt inspiring to write about. Ironically enough, that inspired me to write this quick little blip.

Sometimes you don’t have to write about really deep meaningful things. Sometimes you don’t even have to do really meaningful things. It’s okay to let your mind take a break. If your brain is constantly going, it doesn’t have time to dream up new, creative things – which are kind of important.

Which is what I’ve realized I needed to do recently. I’ve been going pretty non-stop for the last three weeks, so this weekend we are taking a trip to Washington D.C. I’m planning on using this time to take inspiration from the world around me and be present in my life and not fuss about all of the tasks that will always be pending in the background.

I’m a huge proponent of hitting ‘pause’ on adulting for a bit – which is exactly what I intend to do starting tomorrow.

One thing to leave you with before I go for the weekend…there will be a new sneak peek of a project I’ve been working on coming up very very soon!!!!

Should you be excited? Yes! I most definitely am.

Until next week, lovelies!


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Mother of three. Writer extraordinaire. Lover of art and music. Consumer of chocolate and wine.

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