Shh. The Universe is Talking.

Who here get’s signs from the Universe? Anyone…


Better yet, who actually listens to them?

If you’re not sure what a sign from the Universe looks like, let me give you a brief example. Funny enough, this one also includes a sign from the Universe and yours truly initially not listening to it until it was too late and the Universe had to yell at me…

Last week was one of those weeks where you have something going on every single day, not enough hours and no freaking idea how you’re going to get it all done. Wednesday morning I woke up feeling drained and like I needed a break. I wanted to stay in bed, take it easy and just relax….but work and life beckoned so I silenced the Universe’s signs and trucked on. I put more to-do’s on my list and kept pushing through with the promise that I would relax that evening.

Everything went awry that day. I was dropping, spilling, forgetting things…you name it – I was doing it. I was text-book Murphy’s Law.

All of those spills and trips and “OMG,” moments were signs from the Universe, telling me to slow down and stop, and I was having none of it’s shenanigans. So that night the Universe sent me a sign that said, “Hey, Sally-McStubbornPants, slow the hell down,” by having me slip in the relaxing bath I had drawn, and wedge my toes down the effing drain.

I was certain they were broken. Obscenities went flying. Sean was laughing at me. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to laugh at the absurdity of it or cry because it was just one more thing that went wrong that day.

Mackenzie, in all her glory came in and said, “Toes aren’t broken. And, well…you said you needed to slow down. The Universe just made sure it happened.” Of course she was right. I was forced to slow myself down. No, literally, because I couldn’t do more than hobble everywhere and ice my sad little toes with frozen brussell sprouts for 48 hours.

All day I had known that I needed to slow down, but I kept pushing myself until finally, the Universe was like “NOPE!” and I was physically forced to take a breather.

Still, sometimes the signs aren’t as ‘in-your-face’. Sometimes they’re quiet and last much longer than a day, so you have to really pay attention to recognize them.

Me and not listening to the Universe go way back. In fact, this is a lifelong battle with the that I’ve been having, until I finally resolved at 8:30 on a Tuesday night…while wearing sweatpants. I don’t pick when these things happen in my life…but I feel like I need to be truthful about how it came to me and the fact that I wasn’t ‘presentable’ when it did.

I have been on my writing journey my entire life, even if I didn’t realize it at the time. I’m a story-teller. I remember telling wild stories from the time I was little until now. My children are story-tellers. I’ve always wanted to write, to be an author, to have a book published, to share my story…and I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to have people who listen.

My mother was constantly encouraging me to write. My husband and my kids. My entire family has supported my writing. People I barely know have said things like, “I can’t wait to read your book,” or, “your blog is so funny I love reading it.”

I would say thank you, turn red because I wasn’t sure I had the chops to be a writer, and move on. I still wasn’t pushing myself to write more often or finish one of the projects I so desperately wanted to finish. I would subconsciously find legitimate reasons around it – kids, work, volunteering, laundry.

Heh, okay maybe not laundry…but you get the idea. The Universe was giving me people and avenues and opportunities to write and to really go after my dream of being a published author, but I, once again, was too stubborn to listen to them.

Open Scene: Enter Taryn.

Here’s some background – I met Taryn at a blogger MeetUp two years ago. We met one time. I loved her DIY blog – but mostly I loved her journey. I loved watching her grow from just writing about the things that she enjoyed doing, to creating this entire brand and business that helped other women do the same. It was one of the single most inspiring things I’ve watched unfold before my eyes.

Still, you guessed it, I just watched. I didn’t take action for myself.

Are you going, OMG! ASHLEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” yet? Because I am.

Looking back on your life is a lot like looking through old photos. At the time they were taken, it was a great idea…but looking back on them you’re thinking to yourself, “Teenage Ashley…were you blind? Whyyyy are you wearing coordinated Adidas gear and a high pony tail and posing like I Dream of Jeanie?!”…yes there’s photo evidence…

what was ashley thinking?


The other day I was sitting with Mackenzie, trying to adult and write and work and do all the things – when I just couldn’t figure out which way was up anymore. I was so flustered with all of it that I gave up and turned to Instagram to soothe my wounded brain.

Low and behold, who’s image did I see first on my feed? You guessed it – One Crafty Miss, aka Taryn aka my savior.

I hadn’t been listening to the Universe, but at that moment I knew what I needed to do. I realized why this amazing woman had been placed in my path. So I sent her a desperate cry for help that went something like this:

“OMG I need your help I don’t know how to build my brand I have too many ideas lol are you hosting any amazing girl boss things anytime soon?!?!” 

She graciously calmed my nerves and within the day we had a meeting set up. Last night I ended our thirty minute meeting with more clarity than I had been able to gain for myself in a year.

I realized that I was focusing too much on the logistics of how I would build my author platform, that I forgot about the reason I wanted to do any of it!

I want to write and connect with people. I want to share my journey to become an author, because I don’t just have the opportunity to write full time yet. I’m a full-time corporate working lady with three tiny humans, a family and other commitments. Yes, I want to write, but I want to help other people learn that they can write as well.

I don’t have to pick one thing or another, I can blend and create my own path exactly as I want it to be…and so can you.

Take this opportunity and my hard-headed lessons to hush yourself for a bit. When you’re feeling like you’re at your wits end, take a minute to be quiet and still. Reflect on the things you’ve done up until that point.

Allow someone else to step into your element with you and trust them to show you things that you’ve known were there, but didn’t quite have a handle on, or were too stubborn to recognize.

You’ll see the signs you’ve been given…you’ll connect the dots and you’ll get your “Well I’ll be damned,” moment. Promise.

Happy Wednesday Lovelies! Relish in the fact that you are alive, creative, loved and capable of greatness, and the Universe does want you to succeed and doesn’t want to have to shove your toes down the drain to make you realize it.


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