You look…different.

I have high hopes that 2018 will be a great year. I mean, 2017 was a hell of a year, so as long as 2018 has tacos and positive energy, I’m down to say it will be better.

If you’re here – you’ve probably noticed that everything looks a little different…and I’m happy to say…

You get a new blog! You get a new blog!


I spent the last half of 2017 and this first month of 2018 looking at the content I wanted to put out for each of you, the look of my blog, what I wanted my brand to be – and a bunch of other big kid things.

“Write what you know,” seemed like really good advice to follow…but I also wanted to write about what I love. The things I really get a thrill for. Because I figure if I’m writing about what I love – then I’ll love to write.

I’ve condensed my subject matter into categories that I genuinely love talking about. Let’s be honest, these are also categories where I often have a lot to say, so it works out for everyone. My goal has always been to use this blog to put out meaningful content that can help and inspire others, and these four categories are where I can really achieve that goal.

Each category has two to three sub categories that the content is related to. So without further ado:

  • Coffee Chats. 
    • Self-Care
    • My Personal Journey
    • Artsy things
  • Parenting. 
    • Being a Boy Mom
    • Parenting Q&A
    • Life Lessons
  • Organization. 
    • Time Management
    • Planning
    • Organization
  • Writing.
    • Writing a Book
    • Blog Life

I’ve been working really hard on developing content for each of these categories and I’m so excited to announce that there will be new content every Wednesday at 11 a.m. EST!

There will also be exciting free printables, giveaways and newsletters coming this year so make sure you’re following us on social media!

Take a look around, lovelies. Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while.

I cannot wait to share 2018 with each of you.


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Mother of three. Writer extraordinaire. Lover of art and music. Consumer of chocolate and wine.

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