Why I Marched.

As I sit here this morning – I’m reflecting on the past twenty-four hours of my life.

Twenty-four exhausting and exhilarating hours that spun my entire world around.

I marched with the Women’s March on Washington yesterday from my town of Charlotte, NC.

I posted on our social media and used the hashtag #WhyIMarch countless times – none of which could even bring justice to the real reasons I marched.

I marched because I am a woman, daughter, sister, mother, friend, colleague – HUMAN.

I marched for you.

I marched so that everyone could experience fundamental human rights – regardless of anything you believe, your sexuality, your gender, the color of your skin. Because I believe everyone deserves to be treated equally.

I marched so that my children, and their children could look back and say – “My mom knew this was bigger than her present, and did it for our futures.”

I marched so that for one day, one breath, one moment in time – the hatred in our world was calmed by solidarity and love.

I marched, not for who I voted for or for who you voted for, but so that you could continue to vote.

I marched for my family and friends.

I marched for those who have benefited from affordable healthcare – and for those who could die without it.

I marched because I realize that the outpouring of love and intensity that I felt yesterday, standing shoulder to shoulder with others is a love that everyone should feel on a regular basis.

I marched because it’s more than politics – it’s about humanity and dignity.

I marched for a better world.

I marched because it was the right thing to do.

The New York Times is calling our protest one of the biggest in history. We are history in the making – and we will not be silenced.

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