Friday Favorites – Beauty Edition

It’s Friday, alright technically Sunday – minor details! But not just any Friday/Sunday combo, my lovelies. Oh no – it’s the Beauty edition of Friday Favorites! 

What does that even mean?! 

It means I am sharing three different beauty products that I absolutely cannot live without from the face, hair and nails categories!

NARSissist Palette by NARS

This is one of those beauty items that you don’t know you need, until you have it. 

My god it’s beautiful. The pans of product are huge and the formula is super light, but incredibly pigmented. I legitimately use this every single day – and have been for a month and you can barely tell I’ve touched it. 




The price point on this is a little high, around $60, BUT I think it’s worth it for a couple of different reasons:

  • You actually get a lot of variety – two contour colors, two microglitter/shimmer highlighters, a huge pan of bronzer and two different blush colors. 
  • The versatility of this pallet is seemingly unmatched in my opinion. I can use this with only a primer and look put together and fresh. Or I can couple it with my full face routine with foundation and concealer and have it look equally flawless. 
  • Staying in the versatility bucket a bit longer – the tones of these colors are incredibly neutral with the exception of the contour color. Which leans a little more warm toned than cool. With neutrality, this pallet will work for several different skin tones. 
  • The sheer amount of product and the quality of product you get is insane for only sixty bucks. Especially when a full size NARS blush can go for close to $30 – that’s half the price of this palette for only one product – you get seven in this gem.

I could go on and on about this, because it’s something I love and use every day in some form or fashion. Go to Sephora and swatch this, you’ll see. 

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner

Damn that’s a mouthful. 

I wash my hair twice a week, sometimes more if I get particularly gross, and sometimes less if it’s winter time. 

I suffer from dry skin – so when the fall and winter months hit, it’s like someone took a sponge and sucked all the moisture out of my body and scalp. It’s horrendous.

But I found this product over the summer and fell in love with it. 

First of all – it smells delicious. I love when I spray products and don’t feel like my lungs will implode from chemical inhalation.

Secondly – it does wonders for my hair. Like I said, I shampoo maybe twice a week. I use this a couple of different ways:

  • When I’m not shampooing I will let warm water run through my hair, I’ll massage my scalp a bit and then spray this. 
  • On days when I don’t get my hair wet at all I’ll spray this and then use dry shampoo. 

Rarely do I ever use a true “conditioner” in the shower on days when I don’t shampoo. For me, they make my hair get oily more quickly and I end up having to wash more often. I just haven’t found a rinse out conditioner formula that I’m overly impressed with.

Also, and this product isn’t on here, but I use Moroccan oil after I shampoo as well to help my hair not flip out from losing its natural oils. 

I love that the Sexy products have become more affordable over the last few years. I think I paid $15 for this over the summer – but a lot of salons have sales where you buy one get one half. This is a product that I’ve also seen on the shelves at Walmart and Target – so you don’t even have to go into a salon to get it.

*hair flip*  

Essie Gel Coutour Nail Polish

Hold the phone. I love Essie nail polishes. I’ve been using them for years. So when I watched a YouTube video reviewing their new gel line, I was hooked!

I immediately went out the next day, tracked them down and bought the following colors (in order left to right) top coat, Spiked with Style, Bubbles Only, Hang Up the Heels.

They’re gel, but without the light that bakes it. How can that be?! 

I too was a skeptic, but let me tell you – IT IS! 

I don’t know how they work, but these polishes are amazeballs.

  • They have the shine like salon gel.
  • Once they’re dry, they don’t chip easily. I won’t say they won’t chip at all because the first day I painted them I slammed my finger in something and chipped it. To be fair, it hit right on the nail, up until then I had bumped and dug through things and not a budge, had it been regular nail polish it would’ve been everywhere. I’m so impatient. So I will standby my review that they don’t chip easily.
  • They dry quickly, albeit not as quick as salon gel, but not as long as regular polish takes. Which is great for me because – impatient. 
  • You get more than one manicure with it. I would pay $35 for one gel manicure that lasted me two weeks. I paid less than $25 for two bottles (color and top coat) and will get at least ten. 
  • It comes off easily without scraping or soaking. Which is nice so you don’t damage your nails.

And the price is amazing. If you’ve used Essie polishes in the past you know that a regular polish goes for around $8. These are $11.50. And they’re gel! Real gel. 

I will say you have to buy the top coat or it won’t work, but come on. I’ve had my color on for nearly a week now and they still look great. 

So there you have it! Three of the beauty products I cannot live without. 

Let’s be real there’s more than just these but you’ll have to wait to see those for another beauty edition of Friday Favorites! 

If you love these things let me know! If there is something you want me to try or think could be a Friday Favorite leave a comment down below!

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