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Friday Favorites #1

Happy Friday, lovelies! Can we all just give a high-falutin’ HALLELUJAH that it’s finally Friday?

I’m actually really excited to write this particular post for the first time! There are sooo many things people ask me about – what’s your favorite lipstick, movie, hair product, Hemsworth brother?! Chris, in case you were wondering.

So over the summer I knew this series was something I wanted to add as a regular weekly post…and whaddya know?! Here it is.

Let me know if you use or try any of the things I list – I want to get to know all of your favorites as well!

The first thing on my list is the NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade.

NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade


As a woman with the natural eyebrows of Groucho Marx, *this* stuff is a heaven send. It is a lot of work to keep up with these caterpillars. Generally speaking, I have to put a lot of time and effort into my brows.

  • I’ve been on the fence for a while with spending upwards of twenty bucks for the Anastasia Beverly Hills or Benefit Brow products. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love those products as well, but at the end of the day, I do still try and spend a reasonable amount of dough on makeup.
  • I also like to have several different types of each product to be able to change it up. There’s always a good mix of drug store and higher end product in my makeup bag.

So when I couldn’t find my brow powder, I asked my niece, Mackenzie if I could borrow what she used. Which in case you were wondering – was this magical concoction. I was legitimately so impressed.

  • The pigmentation was intense and unexpected – so trust me when I say that a little dab’ll do ya.
  • The price point is way more affordable, coming in around $6.00, depending on your retailer – which by the way *most* major retailers carry this brand. I’ve bought NYX at Target, CVS, Ulta and I’ve seen it at a few others.

So it’s definitely affordable *and* accessible – which is important to me.

Newman’s Own Organic French Roast Coffee

So what’s a coffee addict’s favorite things without at least one coffee related item? Lame. That’s what.

I drink *a lot* of coffee. You know Lorelai on Gilmore Girls? It’s like that. I’ve also become a bit of a coffee snob, but that gets uber pricey if you aren’t careful. I had to set out on a mission to find a good at home coffee.

I have a Keurig…not sure what model, but it’s a coffee maker and it gives me life – so we will just go with that. One day on my quest, I noticed these little gems.

Newmans Own Organic Coffee French Roast
I figured, I like Paul Newman. His brand of salad dressing has never let me down – and helloooo Cool Hand Luke. So I picked them up.

Here’s the thing with coffee for me – it has to meet the following criteria –

  • Be coffee
  • Have caffeine
  • Taste decent, or at least be able to be repaired with honey or something.

That’s about the extent of it. I’m also willing to try any brand of coffee at least once.

This brand impressed me for a couple of different reasons –

  • These are in French Roast, so it’s an incredibly dark brew. Like my soul. I love it. The flavor is rich and robust. You can taste the roast on the beans its so strong. Slap your mama in the face kind of strong.
  • Affordability-ish. These were a little pricey – I think I paid around ten bucks for 12 pods. I’ve seen some brands with the same price point offer more coffee pods. But I’m telling you, for the flavor – well worth the price and still technically in the lower price range.
  • Smell – I know that’s weird. But there isn’t anything I love more than to have a house or a room that smells of coffee. In my town we have a coffee company. On days when they are roasting the beans that entire part of town smells like coffee. It’s intoxicating. Because this is such a dark brew it is really, really fragrant. I love that I can brew one cup of coffee and my office will smell delicious for hours afterwards.
  • Re-heating ability. Okay, okay. On the rare occasion I don’t get to finish a cup of coffee, I generally try to reheat it and consume it later. There is nothing more gag worthy than reheating a cup of what was once delicious coffee, only to find out that once re-heated it turns into the green toxic slime from Ninja Turtles. Only – you don’t get to be a ninja turtle, so it just kind of sucks. This one reheats beautifully. It’s the same cup of coffee I started out with after I heat it back up.

Even if you aren’t a coffee-connoisseur and you’re just looking for a well-rounded blend – this one is at the top of my list for an everyday, affordable go-to.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

If you think I’m a coffeeholic…wait until you see me with office supplies.

It’s borderline disgusting how much I love office supplies and shopping for them. Case and point? I literally had a dream about the perfect trapper-keeper (remember those babies?) and I was shopping for it in Office Depot. Jesus.

I do a lot of journaling, drawing, writing (go figure) and other writey-things. I also pin a lot of this stuff on Pinterest, so I’ve stumbled across the Staedtler brand a couple of different times.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

Low and behold – one day at Walmart I saw them and of course had to buy them.


Total transparency – I am a gel pen kind of girl, so I wasn’t sold on the idea of these at first.  Now I carry these pens everywhere with me.

  • They’re triangular shaped, and although they’re thin *something I’m not a fan of generally* – the fit is really nice.
  • They also write so smoothly and they don’t smudge. I write fast and jot down a lot of notes and ideas really quickly. Not having pen scuffs up my arm at the end of the day is nice.

*Note – While I believe these pens to be magical, they do not actually keep you from writing on yourself when you forget to put the lid on.

Which brings me to my next point. They have caps. ‘Ew’ – you can say it. I feel ya. I hate pens with caps. I’m a click-pen fan all the way.

I was really skeptical with the fact that these were A. Felt-ish tip pens and B. Had a cap. Not usually a good combination. I have murdered many a pen by leaving the lid off and drying them to death.

  • I experimented with these and left the lid off for a full 24-hours. Not a change. It didn’t even hesitate to write as normal the next time I picked it up. Like I said, MAGIC.

So that’s it, lovelies! MY first list of Friday Favorites, why I love them and a little preview to my ridiculous office supply habit.

If you like this and want more or less, want me to try something that you think could make the FF cut – let me know in the comments!


This post is not sponsored. The reviews and photos depicted here are based on personal, not professional, opinion only.

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