Caution: Flu Season Ahead

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger.

I’m in need of opinions on the flu vaccine…But first! There are rules.

Rule number one. This is not a political forum, if you’ve got a soapbox to stand on about this particular topic, I encourage you to take it elsewhere.

Rule number two. I want your honest opinion, as parents, medical professionals and everything in between.

Rule number three. Be respectful.

Rule number four. Review ALL rules before posting. If you know me, you know I’m not afraid to be blunt and I am not afraid to shut down disrespectful debates in one quick swoop.

Alright, now that we’ve cleared that up.

I cannot get the flu vaccine. My mother was diagnosed with Gullian-Barre and I’ve been advised that, while not hereditary, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

However, that rule of thumb does not apply for my tiny humans.

We personally choose to vaccinate the boys with the standard childhood vaccines. But for whatever reason, the flu vaccine makes us go…ehhhhhh. Historically, we have done the flu vaccine. We both work in Corporate America and I dislike germs – vaccinations make sense for our family. Unfortunately, we all still manage to get the flu. I know. I know. “The flu vaccine is not to prevent the flu, but to lessen the symptoms.

This year I have done my own personal research on this topic and still find myself balancing on the fine line between pro and con.

So here is where I look to you, my highly-opinionated pals. Leave your opinions in the comments or on The Witty Bean Facebook page with one of the hashtags below!

#FluVaccine2015Yay or #FluVaccine2015Nay

2 thoughts on “Caution: Flu Season Ahead

  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    It is a necessity for me, though it may not even work for me. It is unknown if I even produce anti-bodies. I have to get the dead one, not the live one, or else my immune system can’t handle it. Just one of the many post-marrow transplant annoyances.


  2. Bobbi Schmidt says:

    I have always gotten the flu shot…I’ve never had the flu. I have always chosen to get my children vaccinated with the flu shot as well. My oldest now has no choice but to get it since he is on chemotherapy treatment. I personally do not have a strong opinion either way though. It’s totally a personal choice and of course there’s always people who end up getting the flu after receiving the shots.
    Now childhood vaccinations…that’s a different subject and I have a very strong opinion about it. But I will leave that to myself 🙂 lol


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