Happy Birthday Bestie!

Today is a day that I look forward to all year. A day when I can say these famed words, “Hey Katrina! You’re older than me! And none for Gretchen Weiners. Ha!”

The truth is, today is my best friend’s birthday! Living almost a thousand miles away from the one person who gets my crazy ways hasn’t been without its drawbacks. We can’t go get Sonic drinks and drive around singing song remnant of our youth. But we have something so much better!

Oh, don’t worry, this isn’t one of those sappy posts where I talk about all the times she has been there for me. No, no. This is the post where I talk about some of our best memories together. The creme de la creme of best friendage over the course of nearly twelve years.

Without further adieu I present to you, Katrina, my very best friend –

Our Friendship: An Interpretive (and hilariously rhyming) Poem.

We met at a time
When our fashion sense waned
You tight-rolled your jeans
and mine had punk-chains

But we grew together
As best friends do
Though it made you SO mad
When I’d sing Blink-182

We even danced on my bed
To the smooth sounds of Cake
and covered you with peas
When you got burnt at the lake

Mario Party
on N64
Mountain Dew, Doritos
and Crayons galore

Your aura is purple!
What’s that you say?!
That’s Jack Kelley, my friend
Singing old Santa Fe!

Passing notes in algebra
While hiccuping like mad
We always had each other
Through good times and bad

Even as we age
We get better with time
We’ve moved on from ‘the Dew’
and drink fine…eh…cheap wine

Yet over the years
We still have good times
Singing spiffy show tunes
and spittin’ sick rhymes

We hit Mimi’s Cafe
Before eight o’clock
and talk about retirement
Careers and our stock

I’m still not too sure
When we grew up to be
These functional adults
Instead of Ashy-Foo and Chi

But no matter what
May come at us next
We’ll do it together
Because DUDE, we’re the best!

Oh, I’m crying from laughing so hard at that poem! Real tears. Katrina – seriously, happy birthday to the bestest friend I could ever ask for! I can’t wait to celebrate next weekend!

Your best friend forever – Ashy-Foo (Lord help me for anyone who’s going to remember that one.) You’re welcome.

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