The Value of Health.

I have something to say. This will be a “lunch time” read, so settle in.

I had a conversation today that made a couple of things happen – I got mad, I got over it and I got mad again.

I hate spending money on myself. Sean would disagree with this to some extent, but when it really comes to purchases 99% of the time I talk myself out of them. It is only recently that I have started saying, “No. I work hard and deserve to have this or that.” Even then, I’m careful in my spending.

Here’s why.

I didn’t grow up with a lot of money, I had a single mom and very involved grandparents to help. We made ends meet and there wasn’t a time that I can recall when I didn’t have something I needed. I was very fortunate. I’ve also been in the position where everything was flowing nicely in my adult life and then my world was turned upside down and I had zero pennies to my name.

Trust me – neither option is preferable. Money has always been something that has caused a great deal of stress in my life. A wise woman told me once when we were both practically single mothers together that stressing about it isn’t going to pay the rent. Unfortunately, as much as I love her and that advice, it did not make me stress any less about money.

So when I got a big kid job and grew up, I made a promise to myself and my kids (born and unborn at the time) that it would never EVER happen again as long as I had control of it. I would do everything in my power to prevent that. I save money. I make smarter purchasing decisions. I still pay $8.00 for nail polish on occasion. But here’s the thing – being financially sound doesn’t make me any less of a worrier, because I have been in that position where it changed in a heartbeat.

This means that I am always aware and conscious of my financial decisions, and when I spend something on a monthly basis that I could get for a better price, I get that better price or I stop getting the service. Period. That’s just how my mind works. It goes no farther than that…there’s no science behind it. It is what it is.

Now on to what made me so upset.

I signed up for a fitness service this week, knowing that I had just signed the dotted line to get the same services at 65% mark up than previously received. Fine. Cost of living or what-not. I justified it because of the sales pitch, which in turn is what makes me so mad now. So of course, the more I started really thinking on it, I realized there was no sense in paying that much more for something I could do myself in the long run. It just financially did not make sense to me – I don’t care what the return on my investment would be.

So I called to cancel. Now with any cancellation of services, I expected a ‘please-don’t-go’ sales pitch. But I didn’t really expect this angle to come up again. Here’s why I got mad when I hung up the phone.

During the course of the conversation that happened today as well as the initial conversation that got me to sign up, I was asked to put a value on my health and my weight-loss goals. A true number valuation. A price to achieve.

I couldn’t come up with a good answer at either moment. For those of you who know me, being at a loss for words or explanation is probably one of the most infuriating situations I can be placed in. The conversation today went absolutely nowhere, and I’m still going to cancel. I got mad and got over it pretty quickly.

But the more I started thinking about that conversation and that particular question, the angrier I got, “If you could place a number value on your health, what would it be.”

So here’s my answer.

My health is priceless, my goals are priceless. All of them. Not just my weight loss ones. I, as a human being, am priceless. I shouldn’t have to try and valuate those things for anyone other than myself. And I shouldn’t be asked to by anyone else, either.

Services cost money. Expert opinions get valued…not people. Not goals. Not weight. So this service was not something I was willing to pay an exuberant amount for, that does not make me any less dedicated to achieving my goals. I will achieve them, because I am dedicated and because I can. Not because I paid for it.

I could go on and on about this topic because it really got me fired up, but I will leave it at that. This isn’t a review of the services themselves, because I think they’re great, actually. And I am disappointed that I won’t be continuing…It’s just a pricing issue that was taken from the wrong angle for me, personally.

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